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I’ve just returned from the market and I’m eating a sammich (turkey, Swiss, avocado, tomato, mayo) and a peach. I bought the peach during a sale last week and all the pretty peaches had been taken. Since I was gonna eat the peaches, I was content to take firm, ugly peaches, and guess what? They’re still delicious. There’s a metaphor in there, in case you didn’t notice.

Moo wore her/my/the gray USMC sweatshirt to the market, which the man behind the counter noticed. He said, “I think your daughter’s shirt misspelled ARMY,” and that turned into a whole long veteran convo about shit I truly do not miss, which is why Moo and I went on shopping, leaving The Mister there to jaw-jack about whatever sounds to me how our lip gloss convos must sound to him.

You know how people have gaydar? My husband has vetdar. It’s good for…

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