A Quandary of Blogging

Legends of Windemere

Finding Nemo

So, this is almost a filler post, but I’m fairly confused.  Mostly because I got notifications throughout the week from WordPress.  Apparently, I’ve posted once a day for the last 807 days and that’s a daily milestone that I get.  Feel a sense of pride here, but also a childish stubbornness that I don’t want it to end.  This leaves me with a question:

Since I can’t do my anxiety journal due to job hunting, what can I do on Thursdays?

I was thinking of a funny picture post since I keep looking at them throughout the week and I see others doing it over the weekend.  This does smack of desperation to stay active and November is probably going to derail things anyway.  Still, I think I’d like to try and keep it up for as long as I can.

Speaking of November, I might be able…

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