Lost: The Princess General of Womb-Bornia (Note: There is no Womb-Bornia)

Legends of Windemere

The only reason I used the character above is because Lost has silver hair.  Obviously, she’s essential to War of Nytefall: Lost since her name is in the title.  This is a character who I’ve been wanting to introduce for a long time, but I came up with an idea that forced me to delay her.  This worked out because it means she can shine brightly at the beginning and then calm down a bit.  Only reason I say this is because she can be a fairly difficult character to write for too long.

Let me give you a brief description of Lost and then I’ll explain where she came from.  She is a silver-haired girl of about 16 who wears pajamas with no shoes or socks.  In fact, she’s terrified of socks and gets violent at the sight of them, especially if she’s already under stress.  I made her…

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