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Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul, Day 2

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici!

It’s day two of my Tortured Soul blog tour. And I’ve got two more author friends who generously agreed to host me today.

First, I’l like to direct your attention to Marcia Meara’s site. Marcia writes suspense and romance, which kind of fit nicely into my book/series. Because her readers probably like both genres, I had trouble deciding which excerpt to share at her site. I ultimately decided on one that’s in the middle of a tense situation but has a little dark humor with it. (Whenever two or more brothers are together, the conversation is fast and often fun.) You can find that excerpt here.

Then, I’d like to invite you to Judi Lynn’s site. Judi writes urban fantasy and contemporary romance, which was also a pretty good fit for this series. The blurb I gave her touches on the paranormal but also features a…

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I write YA as Traci Kenworth. I also write romance as Loleta Abi.

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