Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Fiction Favorites

Bailey and Twiggy

” Psst. What day is it, Bailey?”


“Hit snooze until Friday.”

Wednesday Story Day again and last week we saw Andrew let Paul take the tape to have it read at a supplier facility. Most of us wondered if that was such a good idea. Also, the cast seemed hell bent on getting something at the deli so none of us stepped up to question Andrew’s judgment. I’m pleased to say lunch hour is over and Paul is just getting to Larry’s office. Larry and Andrew had a nice Deli lunch and are just chatting when Paul comes through the door.

“Hey, guys.”

“Paul. Good to see you. Do you have any good news for us?”

“I do Andrew. Can I take a seat?”

“Of course, Paul. Excuse us. We seem to have lost our manners.”

“Since this is my office I will also ask if you would like…

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