Writing When You Don’t Feel 100% or Even 60%

Lara Willard

A friend shared this with her friend, who is my friend, who shared it on her blog, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Maggie Stiefvater answers a question about being creative while suffering. She starts:

“It’s hard to describe to non-creators how difficult it is to be abstract when you’re in pain, or when you’re exhausted, or when illness or drugs or mental illness has washed you up on a strange chemical shore. All art requires an element of abstraction, of big picture thinking, because art at its heart is simply the act of imposing artificial structure upon the world. With writing, you don’t even have the concrete sensory anchor of paint or clay or bricks. You have only words, in themselves already art, some past human’s clumsy attempt to translate a concept to a vocalization.”

Read the entire question and answer here. Content warning: some cursing.

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