Writerly Things 9/2/18

bridge, fantasy, romance
bridge, fantasy, romance

Writerly Things…9/2/18
Traci Kenworth

I hit send on my PitchWars entry last Wed. They had over 3k submissions. I got confirmation of my story by Fri. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I will give it a couple weeks before I chalk it up to another experience and move on to more edits. I worry because my query focused on the two main characters instead of one like others, that might count against me, but the truth is, it’s all subjective. The mentors might not like what I sent. If so, I’ll keep trying till I find that next stage of submission.
For me, that’ll be agents. I know that’s not always a popular choice these days, but I feel I need one to navigate the waters. Of course, I’m looking into as much about contracts as possible so that I don’t go in blind. I’m looking forward to working with an agent to get ready for submission and whatever the future holds for this book. Meanwhile, I’m writing blogs and short stories while I give the weeks to PitchWars.
Some may say I haven’t given things enough time after the two weeks, but I know that last year, if you didn’t get requests in the first weeks, you didn’t make the cut. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but then that’s part of this publishing life. What I like, others may not. I’m hoping the book will find its readers though. I know there are more that like this type of book out there. You could say it’s a chosen story with a big twist.
Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend! Have a great day, take care, and God bless!

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