Writerly Things…9/9/18


Writerly Things…9/9/18

Traci Kenworth


Another busy week. Settling into the school year for my son. This week will be a full week (Mon. through Thurs.). He has off Fri. The other days and during the week, I take my daughter to work so a lot of driving back and forth. Early, early mornings. I like to sleep in but only got to do so yesterday and this morning. More of the same next week. Friday is my day to get other stuff done like errands and apts.

The blog has been thriving when I have time to re-blog so that’s helping a lot. With no word from PitchWars, it’s looking more and more like I’ll begin editing next week with the eye for subbing to agents. Once, I thought this course was the best way to do things, now, I’m hoping I don’t make mistakes along the way. Of course, I will. Everybody does. It’s part of publishing. You live, and you learn, that’s the way of things.

Is anyone out there looking for betas or cps? I may be in the market for both. I am part of a crit group, but the members are busy elsewhere. The Other Side of YAFF for adults is open to new members and I imagine YAFF (YoungAdultFictionFanatics) is as well. I’m the Co-Administrator for the OtherSide along with Kit Forbes. If you’d rather not join the group and just exchange stories, that’s fine as well. I’m looking for 2-3 betas/cps. I write YA any genre, and sweet romances on the adult side.

The weather’s finally cooling down here in northeast Ohio. My Rose of Shannara bushes are still blooming galore and inviting hummingbirds and butterflies not to mention bees. Unfortunately, some locust trees are starting to grow up in our yard after the remnants of the storms last year and I need to get them cut down before they turn into trees I don’t need. The cats—Midnight, Snowball, Miss Callie, and Miss Prissy—are doing well. Each has something they gravitate towards. With Callie, it’s straws. Prissy like milk caps. Snowball has a thing about computers. Laptops, that is. He’s always trying to lay on them. Midnight likes feeding times. He tries to navigate me toward feeding them all hours of the day.

My son’s program right now is computer science but he’s going to switch that to gaming design. It doesn’t so much want to work with just coding. He wants to be involved in building the games, from the stories on up. He’s got some great stories in mind that he wants to turn into games. He’s written them down in notebooks and expands on them from time to time.

My daughter wants to go into animation. She’d like to produce her own cartoons. She has some stories in mind as well and is always working on one or the other. She plans to go to school in Jan. if all things go well. She will still work full-time but she’s going to try to add in school if she can.

How are things in your area? Have a great day, take care, and God bless!

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