Mick Ridgewell, The Nightcrawler review

Horror Novel Reviews

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Mick Ridgewell’s The Nightcrawler starts out like two separate stories one featuring an antagonist the other a protagonist and slowly begins to intersect into one hell of a ride.

Scott Randall is a pompous ass, one of those guys you hope something bad happens to. Well, guess what? It does! Yeah, it all starts when he blew off the homeless guy looking for some spare change. Scott’s at the top of his game in the corporate world getting ready to take off for little R and R, he agrees to drive his boss’s vintage ‘69 Charger across country from Detroit in hopes of finding a buyer for it in LA. Ah, but you know that homeless guy I mentioned? Like a bad penny the guy keeps appearing everywhere Scott goes. And with each sighting, things begin to turn darker…

Meanwhile, Roger Morris a young man from…

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