Writerly Things 9/15/18


Writerly Things…9/16/18

Traci Kenworth


It’s almost my favorite time of year! I love Halloween with all its scares and chills! I love the cute parts of it and the terror that comes from horror stories. This year, we are planning another marathon of movies, food, and trivia! It’s gets me so excited to think about doing all this. We often have to skimp on things but what we have, we appreciate. For instance, this year, we’re planning fried chicken (made at the store, KFC isn’t around here anymore), different types of boneless chicken such as barbecue, garlic, etc. Sushi, it’s a favorite with spicy crab. We only tried it a couple years ago and love it now. I’m thinking about a Halloween meatloaf (it’s on my Pinterest under Holiday board, in the shape of a pumpkin). We will have Shepherd’s pie for my daughter who’s gluten-free. I don’t know the other sides yet or the goodies that we’ll have.

I haven’t heard anything from PitchWars which signals to me that it’s almost time to start editing again. I want to finish the short story I’m working on about assassins and I just need to put the ending on. Then, I’ll let that rest while I edit. When I turn my manuscript over to my final betas, I’ll get this short story and a few others I have on the backburner ready to go out. I haven’t had much luck breaking into the magazines, anthologies yet but there’s always hope. It’s like going on submission with agents, you just have to the best you can do and hope it resonates with one. If it does more, you’re very lucky.

For me, the path to publishing has been a long road with some massive down-time over the years. I first discovered I wanted to be a writer at eighteen but after success with fanfiction in the zines that dream got put on hold for marriage and children. When the divorce ended horribly, I pulled myself back to life with writing. I wasn’t doing it for publication at that time, just writing to get all the horror out. It wasn’t till 2009 that I started to get serious about writing again and I’m drawing closer to that time when I can see real growth as a writer. Will it be enough? Only the future can tell. I will keep on with this journey as long as I draw breath. To me, it’s life, it’s truth, it’s the way back from hell.


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