Writerly Things…9/23/18

fall leaves
maple leaves

Writerly Things…9/23/18

Traci Kenworth


This week was a mixture of business and illness. I think because of the flu shot I got a couple weeks ago. I have to keep up on them because of the shot I take each week that can lower my immunity system. I also have to take care of people that are ill, of course. The bad time of year for that stuff is about to hit us. My pneumonia shot isn’t due for three more years. But enough talk about illness! It’s the start of fall today and my favorite time of year! I love everything from the colors to the expectancy in the air. I find myself more productive in this season.

There’s just something about settling down with a hot cup of tea, a blanket, and a book that gets my energy flowing. My muse snaps into place and away we go! I like to start a project around now. The problem is, I have three projects that need to go into editing before I can begin something new. My first to-do thing is getting my final beta ready on my YA Fantasy Horror project. After that, it’s back to that medieval biblical story, also a YA Fantasy. Then on to the sweet romance perhaps. I may pop a third YA project in there beforehand as they say it’s good to focus on branding one niche before going to another.

I got some little decorations for cookies, cupcakes, or a cake for Halloween. There are tombstones, eyes, and bones. I just think they are so perfect for trick-or-treat. I’m still debating on what costume to wear. I hope I decide before they run out of the good choices. They have some pretty dorky ones this year: a hot dog or a bottle of mustard. I guess you could combine the two as a couple, lol. The usual makings for a vampire or zombie. I want something different but not sure what. Oh! Maybe I’ll go to the costume store that just opened up in town! Wait! Does that sound like a re-visit of a BTVS episode? Lol.

How are you all faring? Are you ready for fall? Halloween? The cooler weather? Not cold, we won’t mention that “s” word yet. Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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