Light and Shade: The Key To Writing Success

Tara Sparling writes

I didn’t put out a blog on Sunday, because I was in Wicklow. Which is very pretty. Look.

No, I mean look, really. Isn’t this feckin’ gorgeous?

While whizzing through what’s known as The Garden of Ireland, I had some thoughts. Wicklow is very famous in Ireland not just for tourism, but because the film industry tends to hang out there 98.7% of the time. For instance, if you were to ask my filmmaking other half where his office was, he would say “Wicklow.” “Oh, where in Wicklow?” you might probe. “All of it,” he’d answer (perhaps a little smugly).

The reason for this is because you have all types of landscapes in County Wicklow, often side-by-side and in stark contrast with each other. Heather-lined mountains and steeply slanted valleys; trickling streams and thundering waterfalls; country castles and concrete terraces; century-old gardens and snowy mountain crags; seaside promenades and virgin forests. It’s got…

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