Writerly Things 9 30 18

pumpkin soup
pumpkin soup

Writerly Things…9/30/18

Traci Kenworth


We had a bit of a crisis earlier this week, but everything worked out. I’m waiting for news about the arrearages, whether he’s being let go from his job after six months of medical leave or if he’ll go on SSA or go through a private insurance for disability. In Feb., my daughter will move to a more permanent position plus forty hours a week. She’s going to go to college part-time as well. I have to have surgery within the next couple of months so it’s not a good idea to have my son start work now as well because I won’t be able to get him to work since I won’t be able to drive. My daughter can maybe get rides to work so that she’ll be able to help me out as I won’t be able to lift anything.

I intended to start editing this week but the most I got done was to read my suggestions for how to revise from different authors. I’m going to attempt to dig in tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll go chapter by chapter, starting at the end and going to the front of the manuscript. They say going backwards help with editing because it fools the eye. After I finish that, I’ll be looking for repetition and filler words. It can get to be tedious but it’s something that needs done. Every little step helps though. What steps do you take while revising?

After I finish, I will send these out to my final betas before querying. I have pretty much given up on hearing from PitchWars as they will name their mentee’s in another week. I didn’t get any requests and I should’ve heard something by now if they were going to choose me. It makes me a little sad, but it’s clearly not my path for this manuscript. There are always other ways. Each of us has a way to accomplish what we set out to do. I just have to find mine. How are you all doing with your projects?

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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