How to Upload a PDF to the Kindle Store, and Sell It – by Nate Hoffelder…

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on The Digital Reader:

In my morning coffee link post this morning I included a post on The Book Designer where a so-called “expert” made various claims about PDFs, including that PDFs aren’t ebooks and that PDFs “can’t be uploaded to any of the major ebook commercial retailer sites”. 

Yes, you can upload and sell PDF in the major ebookstores – some of them, anyway. Amazon accepts PDFs, and so does Google. Barnes & Noble used to accept PDFs, but according to their current help pages they no longer do so.

And there are even times where you should sell a PDF. For example, there are certain types of non-fiction that just work better in a fixed layout format, and frankly a PDF is still more versatile and accessible than a fixed layout Epub.

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