Friday Fun Three


I stole this from Barb-Weena — she does the fun! It was originally called 33 Questions, but they’re not all numbered and I’m not counting.

1. If you lived in a house made of jello, what flavor would it be? Any particular reason?
Blue, because my husband and I could agree to look at that much blue day in, day out. However, I could not be trusted to live in a jello house, for I would eat it.

2. What is your first reaction when someone knocks on your door?
Who the fuck is that?

3. Does a blue sky or blue ocean make you happier? Why?
Blue oceans. While I enjoy a blue sky now and again, blue skies are not my favorite skies because they frequently suggest that I will sweat, whereas the sea has yet to boil me and even when warm,  it is refreshing as well…

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