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Tree eggs wid bacon… #travel #humor #breakfast

Barb Taub

“Home is where they know how you like your breakfast.”—my grandmother (who made a great breakfast)

We’re in Boston today and the Hub wanted to go to Wilson’s in Waltham for breakfast.

Wilsons, a classic New England diner, was built by the Worcester Lunch Car Company as #819, and was delivered to this site by the company in March 1949. It’s appeared in films such as Labor Day, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The owner, Arthur, was at his grill—as he’s been seven days a week for the past three decades—when we came in and headed for a booth.

He handed across a pair of menus, and fixed a stern eye on the Hub. “You know your job young man? You gotta get whatever she wants, and you gotta pay.”  Cash only, of course.

As we studied the book-sized menu, a new customer took a seat…

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