Writerly Things…10/7/18

Halloween book
Halloween book

Writerly Things…10/7/18

Traci Kenworth


There have been a load of saplings that grew up beside and to the back of the house since the trees went down last year. I’m trying to take them out a little at a time. I don’t have a chainsaw, just lopers. It has been slow-going as they have prickers on them and it tears my skin up to get under them and clip. I was hoping my brother could help but he’s been so busy with his job. I also hoped the neighbor might have a go at them since they fall over into his side, but he’s been busy as well. The problem is: they’re growing to close to the house and I have to get them away from it. I don’t want any broken windows or branches going through the gutter.

Fall break will be coming up this week, a few days before the next quarter starts for college for my son again. Then it’s shooting toward his Christmas break and the time I’m going to try and schedule surgery for. My daughter has to get things ready for Jan. when she hopes to enter college as well. Went to a Pipp meeting this week to try and get payments lower for us with the electric. Should hear this week.

I began editing B & C and I’m working on rewording the second to the last chapter. I’m going backwards. I had trouble beginning the editing until Wed. as other things came to the forefront. I did enter into The Carrot Ranch Rodeo contest on Fri. however. I like to write to photo prompts and I borrowed some of my unseen characters from B & C for the entry. It was fun to have them chat and a challenge to convey emotion without dialogue tags or action beats. I critiqued some pages for one of my fabulous crit partners and she’s amazing as always!

This week, I’ve concentrated on scene goals, characters arcs, making sure there’s emotion on every page via the protagonist at the suggestion of an agent, and rewording to make sure the sentences shine. I go through one at a time and mark with colored pens and then go back through, last, to rework the sentences. How are your projects coming along? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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