Is everything bigger in America? #humor #travel #food

Barb Taub

Farnham Colossi, Unger WV [image credit: Eccentric Roadside]

Or does it just taste that way?

Purely in the name of scientific research, I’ve recently been investigating.

Exhibit #1: Blueberry pancakes the size of your head. (In A Pickle, Waltham, MA)

[NOTE: Our waitress at Pickle was truly distressed when our order didn’t contain any pig. Most customers, she told us, get at least two different kinds.]

Exhibit #2: Club sandwich that should have its own zip code. (Brent’s Deli, Thousand Oaks, CA)

Exhibit #3: Banana Boat from Dairy Joy, Weston MA. (Experimental method: One banana, two kinds of fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberry slices, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and nuts.) Clearly, this dish requires specialized training and considerable stamina. We had two spoons and lots of enthusiasm, but were easily outclassed by a pair of preschoolers at the next table.

NOTE: If you’d like to duplicate…

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