The Dreaded Lamictal Rash

My Bipolar Mind

The Dreaded Lamictal Rash

So the GIF on the left-hand side pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now. I feel like a pile of crap (💩) and I am still not feeling any better with this nasty cold. Although, now I have a bit more perspective as to why I might be feeling this way. 

Yesterday, before my therapy, session a nurse had walked out and I told him I had few med issues to discuss. Luckily he was free for the moment because he took the time to sit with me. Originally, I had only told him that I needed a few more days worth of Lamictal otherwise I was going to run out before I seen the PA (Physician’s Assistant) on Thursday. I also told him that I still cannot fill my Vraylar and that that I need yet another prior authorization for my insurance. 

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