Writerly Things…10/21/18

Pumpkins in a fairytale setting

Writerly Things…10/21/18

Traci Kenworth


The electricity’s been off and on in these parts the past few days. Luckily, for us, it hasn’t been more than three hours here and there. For others, they won’t get theirs back until tomorrow, I hear. I feel bad for them. It’s cold out now. In the forties or sometimes thirties at night. Plus, losing your items in your refrigerator sucks. It seems this problem happens a lot around here. The storms weren’t even really bad. Just rain and black clouds. Some leaves whipping around. Tree branches down in places.

This past week’s been a blur. It seems time goes like that anymore. Slow one moment, gone the next. It’s been a couple weeks since I quit my Humira shot and I’m starting to hurt really bad again already. I hope the dr. will work with me and find something else. Because he said if the shot didn’t work, he couldn’t help me and I’m afraid he won’t go back and try a medicine that we were unsure about. Actually, there’s another that might work as well.

I’m still editing. I’m finding other things to look for as I go along. You never stop learning. If you do, you’re done. You have to continue to learn to get along in this business, I hear. I can see that’s true because just when I think I know a lot, something new comes to my attention.

I been working on yet another shiny new idea that’ll be a future novel. Not sure if it’ll be YA or just plain horror. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I have two books in the waiting stage as I work on this beta. The two books are first drafts, so I’ll be going through this with them when I finish this beta. One’s a YA, the others a sweet, historical romance. Of the two, the romance probably needs the most work. I have to learn to get the feels on the page or it’s not going to sell. For some reason, YA romance is easier for me. Of course, most of the time there’s no physical scenes in them but romances are different when it comes to that.

How are your projects? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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