Good-Bye to Another ‘Series’

Legends of Windemere

I was going to do a post asking for opinions on the Raven Series, but I think I need a day to get my own thoughts together.  This one wasn’t as big as Legends of Windemere, stayed on my blog, and never had my full confidence.  Yet, I really enjoyed writing Dawn Addison and experimenting in a genre that I wasn’t really comfortable with.  It was an adventure for myself and I hope I hit a few marks instead of missing completely for the last 4 years.  Not sure if I’ll ever make a published bundle for this series, but I can assure people that this is the end.  Dawn’s story can’t go any further without feeling like I’m stretching the concept beyond its natural path.  Anyway, time to say an official good-bye:

There were a lot less ‘funny goodbye’ pictures than I expected.  Seems typing ‘goodbye raven’…

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