Kayl’s Story: One Mother’s Selfless Choice

My Bipolar Mind

Kayl’s Story: One Mother’s Selfless Choice

“Do you know what it’s like to make the choice to give up your precious child because she was too fragile for this earth?”


My heart will never heal from your little life that touched mine in such a huge way.

My daughter’s death day is approaching. I thought her daddy would be here to help me along the way. He was the one person who was my strength when it came down to her. He watched me fall apart over her time and time again. Who do I fall apart to now? I’m just alone in it all by myself. Can you imagine my frustration? I feel like him & I were the only two people who actually remember her existence. The 14th. Now if I don’t say anything to anyone who would actually remember that day? No one. Me.

Do you…

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