#GenreMashup Week #BookReview number 3: Christmas in Switzerland by Melinda Huber #Romance

Barb Taub

It’s not the destination…it’s the journey.

As promised in my genre mashup post here (and just in time to kick off the holiday season), Melinda Huber has released Christmas in Switzerland, a Christmas-themed addition to her Lakeside Hotel contemporary romance series.

“Whoa, there…” I can hear your protests now. “You said this week was all about genre mashups. How does that include a straight-up romance?” 

The answer is simple. Because there is really only ONE requirement for a romance novel (a happily ever after or HEA), romances by definition are mashups with any other genre. It’s not to be confused with a love story (where one or more lovers often dies, resulting in much blubbering, snot, and soggy tissue production). If one of the lovers dies in a romance novel, it’s probably because it’s mashed with a paranormal and come sundown, the lover will rise more sexy than ever…

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