It’s At Four Percent!


Privacy is important to us. I grew up with privacy and my husband grew up without any and we decided early on that privacy is a good thing and worth teaching as a family value.

We are not a snooping family.
We do not pry.
We don’t believe in TMI, but we don’t ask for it, either.

We are also a largely immodest crew and generally, an open door people. In the house. Amongst ourselves. When you are not here, we are half-naked, blasting music, and having wildly inappropriate conversations, so you can see why we don’t want to stop doing that and behave ourselves when people come to call. At any given moment we are sporting Bioré strips, eating ice cream like hogs at the trough, and talkin shit about you, and that’s why you should always, always call ahead.

That being said, certain events do require closed doors…

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