Writerly Things…Carrying On When it Feels Like an Uphill Battle

Snowman in winter

Writerly Things 12/3/18:

Carrying on When it Feels Like an Uphill Battle

Traci Kenworth



Everyone experiences it sooner or later. Someone who writes professionally continues to face the guillotine over and over. Even those at the top of the chain, I’m sure. It’s a part of the publishing life. Sometimes it feels like you have to flail around with a pickaxe as you struggle to hang on during your ascent. It can make you drop to the bottom and start all over again. It can get you stuck halfway up. The battle happens daily if you’re in submissions. Sit down, write, get an email from the agent/publisher you submit to, and feel as though that pickaxe just gutted you on the climb.


It can throw stones at you. Accidents. Debt. Death. A child needing extra care and attention. More. It’s a never-ending cycle. You just keep on, putting one foot at a time up that mountain, and holding on for dear life. The point is, life happens. You deal with it the best you can. Sometimes the writing suffers or goes away all together. The Muse dries up. You try and try but nothing happens. The roadmap isn’t clear. You feel like a fledging newbie though you’ve been traveling this path for ages. One day, things will click again. You’ll catch sight of the Muse and aim your noose carefully to not scare her off. You adjust and juggle what comes in your own way. And then, it happens!


This is different for everyone. Some writers are one-hit wonders. Some hit the middle ground. A few lucky strike gold in those hills. Some writers never get the chance. They struggle and hope but the dream never comes to pass. How do you go on, you whisper, sure this is the end? Honestly, you just do. I started writing when I was young, I’ve reached middle-age and despite some earthquakes and tornados in my life, I’m just about to go into the trenches again. I like to think, despite the altering boulders tossed my way in life, it’s not too late. Success lies around the corner, if I just don’t let go of that pickaxe.


Still editing, getting closer to getting ready to query. One day at a time. I wish life was easier sometimes. The wrong answer given often gets you knee-deep in quicksand. I learned this the hard way and hope things pan out in the end when I face what’s headed my way. Hugs to all who are having bad times right now, believe me when I say sometimes life does suck. What keeps me going are the bright spots, my friends, my family. Never lose sight of the goal. Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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