Bringing a Sword to a Gun Fight

I think it has to do with the mythical idea of the sword.

Legends of Windemere


I won’t be surprised if the title brings up a debate, but that’s not going to be what this is about.  I’m more interested in why the ancient weapons seem to pop up in modern stories.  How often have we seen a movie with guns blazing everywhere and a guy with a sword shows up?  Sometimes the character is a joke and other times they’re nigh unstoppable.  Yet, they’re there with a weapon that you wouldn’t see in a real world action setting.  So . . . why?  Here are a few reasons that I’ve thought up:

  1. More interesting and cinematic fight scenes.  With guns, a lot of the action ends up being long distance with a few close encounter dodge/shoot events.  It’s really exciting until someone wonders why the bad guys can’t hit the good guy standing in the open and they’re getting nailed while behind cover.  With…

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