12 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had While Trying to Come Up With an Idea. Any Idea.

Meg Dowell

1 OK. I’m just going to sit down at my computer. An idea will come to me if I do that. Right?

2. No? Great. I should try listening to my favorite song.

3. Oops I listened to it on repeat five times. I still don’t have any ideas.

4. A walk! I should clear my head with a walk.

5. I never made it past the couch. Can I write about that? Eh.

6. I’m not hungry. I’m not that tired. I don’t think at least? what is wrong with me?

7. I should just start trying to write something. Anything. But I … can’t.

8. I will literally write about anything. I JUST NEED ONE STUPID IDEA.

9. Oh look a cat video! Oh look another cat video!

10. ARGH. I thought that would help. It did not.

11.`Why does this even happen? How am I supposed to…

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