Let Your Bad Ideas Go

Meg Dowell Writes

A few minutes ago, I came up with what I thought was a pretty decent idea for a blog post.

And then I wrote one sentence, and very quickly realized it was possibly the worst idea for a blog post I’d ever had. So I decided to start writing this post instead.

I am the expert writer who always preaches the “never quit” mentality. Don’t give up! Your dreams matter! Take your ideas and run with them — you’ll do great!

There’s only one problem with that message, though. I think it can create the assumption that you are never allowed to stop working on anything, even when it’s terrible.

I could have suffered through that blog post. I could have just said, “Well, I’ve already started, so there’s no turning back now!”

But guess what? You all would have suffered too. And that’s not a good use of anyone’s…

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4 thoughts on “Let Your Bad Ideas Go

  1. I believe this too, and not just about blog posts. A huge part of successfully editing your own work is knowing when to let a scene, plot point, character etc., ‘go’ because it’s not working. Not saying it doesn’t hurt; deleting thousands of words of a story most definitely hurts, but ending up with an impressive word count and a poor story hurts even more. Especially if other people point it out!

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