Book Talk…12/28/18 The Witch of the Hills Author Unknown

The Witch of the Hills cover

Book Talk…12/28/18 The Witch of the Hills Author Unknown

Traci Kenworth


The Witch of the Hills by J.M. Fraser. March 18, 2018. My copy on Netgalley said the author was unknown but on Amazon, it says J. M. Fraser.


Amazon blurb: Ancient prophecy compels a young Salem witch to travel forward through the time-bending dimension we all visit when we sleep. Rebecca Church must recruit a modern-day boy to save this interactive fantasy world from imminent disaster, but her task won’t be easy. She may use no more than poetry, illusions, and dreams to convince the chosen one of his destiny, and she can visit him only nine brief times.

When Brian Danahey meets Rebecca at the side of a desolate road, he recognizes her from a recurring nightmare about a girl in great danger. Brian falls in love with her, she disappears, and he comes to believe she’s the legendary Witch of the Hills, a colonial maiden exiled to haunt the western prairies for centuries. The quest to free Rebecca takes him through mirrors and time from the sand hills of contemporary Nebraska to the seventeenth-century witch haven she once called home.

But Rebecca doesn’t need saving, and certainly not three-hundred-plus-years ago. The magical dimension that nourishes our souls is on the brink of apocalypse. Today.


My review: Brian finds himself following weird warnings to a cabin in the hills and a witch named Rebecca who he falls for. The trouble is, the next day she’s gone and he reluctantly leaves for college. Once there, he meets a girl with a roommate that says she knows him. Brian is instantly alert to the roommate being trouble when he recognizes her as one of the warnings on the road where he met Rebecca. Later, he tries to leave for the hills of Nebraska again only to find all four tires slashed on his truck. A few nights later, he dreams of Rebecca again and then finds a poem she wrote on his computer. His spirits are lifted only to learn that Rebecca is a witch. He doesn’t believe it until he sees a flyer to meet Rebecca in a place out of nowhere. She tells him that she can only communicate with him through her book and the poems in it. She has to follow a code. As he searches to figure out what she’s trying to tell him, he learns he is the chosen one and must help her end the void.


This was a little hard to figure out from the beginning. I didn’t understand why she needed a code to court Brian. As the story progresses though it becomes a fair read. If you like puzzles and figuring out why things are done a certain way, this is for you.

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