Seven Links 2/16/19 Traci Kenworth

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Seven Links…2/16/19

Traci Kenworth


1. “None of these things are true, of course. It doesn’t matter how you’ve been graded or critiqued in the past. It doesn’t matter how many other people are doing it or if they seem better at this whole writing thing than you. If you don’t think you’re great at writing, the only way to get better is to keep writing. Don’t get too down on yourself. We all have moments it seems we shouldn’t keep going, but those moments will pass.” Give yourself a break. Writing can be hard. Learn what works for you. Keep at it. It’s all about persistence.

2. “I’ve always liked the actor Bryan Cranston. He was my favorite secondary character on Seinfeld, playing WASP dentist Tim Whatley, who converts to Judaism so he can claim the rich history of Jewish jokes. (When Jerry objects, he is accused of being an anti-dentite.)”

3. “This time a decade ago, I was starting a blog.” I’ve gained confidence in my writing and self since I started blogging as well.

4. “I have a question for all you out  there who write, and that includes writers of books, poetry, plays, nonfiction, and blogs. If I left out any kind of writing, you are included also.” I write because I love to tell the stories of the characters inside me. It entertains me as much as I hope it entertains future readers.


6. “Writing deep in a genre you love is a great way to make a living with your writing. In today’s show, Iain Rob Wright shares his tips on writing horror and also becoming a successful full-time indie author.”

7. “Today, we’re going to break things. Honestly, we see all kinds of posts about good things to do, helpful tips, and downright cheerleading. We also need to know what to avoid, and the topic today is passive characters.”

Research & Fun Bits:

1. “Wake up, walk dog, deal with the emails over coffee… head to work. My mind wanted to be anywhere other than focussed on the day ahead, and I allowed it to wander.” I agree, happiness is in the little moments, being with those you love. Life’s greatest treasure is time with them.


3. “I’ve been working on my autobiography, Renewal Of The Mind: The Upside to Schizophrenia for a while now. My initial goal was to share hope for families, awareness of mental illness for the community, and how I was changed at my core for the better based on his diagnosis.”

4. “But this week I want to talk to you about the most important thing that you can do to both your social life and and your body. And that’s making great-looking food.”


6. “Crafting characters that readers will connect to is every writer’s goal and dozens (hundreds?) of methods exist to achieve it: deep backstory planning, character profile sheets, questionnaires, etc.”

7. “The reviews are just beginning to come in. One calls This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin “charming”, another “witty and eloquent”, but a third praises its “naked courage and fiercely intelligent understanding”. I’m thrilled, but they don’t sound like the same book, do they?”

Teaser Fiction & Poetry:

  3. “I’ve been writing like a mad woman for months on my newest creation – The Sisters of the Fey – Genesis. I thought a sneak peek might be in order… This is the actual beginning of the book, plus or minus a few words. Are you intrigued?”

Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, Releases, & Author Interviews:

  1. “Small Town Kid is the experience of regional life as a child, in an insular town during the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, remote from the more worldly places where life really happens, in a time before the internet and the online existence of social media.”
  2. “I may not have liked Shadow and Bone very much, but I loved Siege and Storm and where the story was going. Finishing this trilogy can not have been easy for the author because the whole story could fail with a botched ending. Happily, Leigh Bardugo managed to write a fantastic end to a great trilogy. Spoilers for Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm below!”
  3. “If you’re like me, you haven’t looked at the opening pages since you first bought the book. Trust me—look at them again. The lessons and examples are invaluable. Ackerman and Puglisi have provided an excellent primer on what to do and what not to do. The beginning offers five vehicles for portraying emotions, ways to make emotions authentic, an in-depth tutorial on using dialogue, a detailed section on nonverbal communication, and some great examples of subtext.”
  4. “A Paranormal Fantasy & Time-Travel/Astral Projection Novel for “tweens”/teens/YA/Adults!

Delilah (“Dee”), a modern teenager, saves the life of Bartholomew (“Bartie”), a Colonial American from 1774, unknowingly bringing him to the 21st century. Dee’s vivid dreams are really astral projections that she can’t control.”

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