The WordPress Reblog Button Mystery…

I just tried oldbrew’s method. It lets you go to a archived post, use the arrow key to go back to the post you want and the reblog button works on the third press.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

During the last few days, I’ve noticed that when I want to reblog posts, either:

  1.  The Reblog Button doesn’t work, OR,
  2.  After persistently pressing it, it eventually works, BUT,
  3.  It takes up to 10 minutes, a LOT of searching through my Admin – Posts – Published section, to actually FIND and UPDATE the reblogged post.

WordPress are obviously making ‘enhancements / improvements’ and still trying to catch all the gremlins they accidentally let loose during the process – SIGH…

If you are finding the same problem, or, you follow a notification link to someone’s reblogged post, please be patient, do not delete the notification, but keep trying until it finally appears.


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