Seven Links…4/20/19 Traci Kenworth


Seven Links…4/20/19

Traci Kenworth


1. your attitude and other good things will follow.


1. Don’t write like someone you admire. Write like you.

2. Two words: Nope Days.”

2. “I was nosing around for the subject of today’s post, and sniffed out the sense of smell. It is under utilized in fiction. We rightly concentrate on sight and sound, because those are the most immediate and pervasive senses, necessary for the telling of a story. But touch, taste, and smell should be used judiciously to enhance the narrative.”

3. could change your writing life for the better.”

4. “When we get a new idea, it feels like the whole world opens for us, and we can do anything. Some newer writers spring into the writing before they’re ready. It takes time to get that story down. And work. Yes, it starts with an idea but there’s work to dig into from that starting point. First, you want to let that idea simmer. It needs time to spark and give you more to layer on that story. Or, of course, non-fiction if you’re creating that. The concept is the same: you start with a nugget of info. Next, you have to learn to follow the trail.”

5. does not require misery.” Absolutely! Why give up everything? You should be able to enjoy things in moderation. Watch that TV show! Read that book! Share an evening with your family. Most important, the last. After all, when life is done, where would you hope you spent the most time? With loved ones! And when you spend time with them, they’re more willing to do something else when you’re busy.

6. “The last few weeks have been busy for me from a writing perspective and also from a work perspective. I am in the middle of two large projects and they are both requiring extra effort and time so I have been working longer hours again.

From a writing perspective, I have finally managed to finish the re-writing and self-editing of Through the Nethergate and Mr. Fox is now doing a read of it for me and picking up a few small things I missed before I send it for final editing. He has been quite complimentary about this book and said, “it is quite interesting.” High praise indeed from Mr. Fox who is not a big fiction reader.”

7. “Savannah Cordova is one of the writers with Reedsy. In addition to being a great resource site for writers—with helpful blog posts, classes, and matching services for editors, cover designers, and marketers—Reedsy also organizes short story contests based on writing prompts. As one of the Reedsy staff members who works on the contests, Savannah is the perfect person to dig into the usefulness of writing prompts.

Writing prompts are one of those things that some writers love and others never touch. They’re often heralded as inspiration or creativity helps, but they can also distract us from the writing we’re “supposed to” do. Let’s look at the pros and cons of writing prompts and how to make them more helpful to us.”

Research & Fun Bits:

1. less than two weeks to go before we journey to the ancient land of Sumer forLord of the Deep, Alethea Kehas, a Companion of the Silent Eye, shares her experiences with the Silent Eye’s April workshops:”

2. A nice take on things.

3. of Nytefall: Rivalry has a bunch of celebrations and feasts.  That isn’t really a spoiler since I’m not say the who, why, and finale to those events.  Yet, it opens the door for a question that I’ve been asked a few times.  People expect vampires to drink blood, but you tend to throw many off when those same vampires are having a slice of pizza or a mug of beer.  The concept of these monsters eating human food and not getting sick gets a fairly strong reaction.  Probably see some in the comments.  So, why and how did I give this ability to Dawn Fangs?”

4. “Times have changed.  Teaching has far more demands than it used to.  Required paperwork, overcrowded classes, and lack of support begins to take its toll.  At first it all seems manageable.  That fire of wanting to teach keeps the motor running.  Then bit by bit, as demands and expectations increase, it becomes more difficult to keep the fire burning.  The love becomes lost.”

5. “Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea was born in June 1941 and is a jazz pianist/electric keyboardist and composer. His compositions “Spain”, “500 Miles High” and “Windows” are considered jazz standards. He was born in Massachusetts and his father, a jazz trumpeter who had let a Dixieland band in Boston in the 1930s and 1940s introduced him to the piano at age four. He was surrounded by the music of the jazz greats from an early age and his main influencers were Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and Lester Young. He took up the drums as eight years old whilst continuing to develop his piano skills, which including using it as a percussion instrument.”

6. “A story is told to engage the imagination and the sense of wonder. A tale that does so will stay in memory… making it a perfect vessel to hold a deeper meaning that may lie dormant until we are armed with the tools of life-experience and ready to understand. Many of the tales that have come down to us from the farthest reaches of our collective past are treasure chests of knowledge, allowing us to glimpse not only the belief-systems and cultures that bequeathed them to us, but to lift the veil on the inner workings of the human psyche, both as individuals and as societies.”

7. “In the last few weeks, the house we are building has seen a lot of activity. As a result, there is now a lock on the door, which my husband and I discovered one Sunday when we went to inspect. It took a flurry of phone calls to get the code so we could go inside.”

Some Things More Serious:








Teaser Fiction & Poetry:

1. ““I’m sorry my friend, there’s no time for proper goodbyes!” Corenlis Drebbel called to Cal Hicks, the amethyst ape.  “It will save an enormous amount of energy if we take the aerial screw through the opening the villains created.”

2. “Here’s a fun excerpt from War of Nytefall: Rivalry, which is available on Amazon.  I was originally going to do this the other way around, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity for humor.  I don’t think Clyde would either, which is why this makes sense to me.  He enjoys getting rises out of people, especially since he can’t find a good fight.  Enjoy and get your own copy for the whole story.”

3. “Since Keith Channing is off buying a house in England and does not have a prompt this week, I thought I would tell you a story. I hope you like it.

The wish by John W. Howell © 2019

This is a fable of sorts. Yes, it begins with once upon a time but is a little different from most. You see the time was yesterday. Here’s what happened. This guy whose name was Mortimer was walking on the beach.  He was taking in the salt air and enjoying the sand between his toes. Mort did not have a care in the world. He had long ago made peace with the fact that he was an ordinary man. He no longer made any pretense about working hard and getting rewarded for doing so. You see, old Mort had worked hard his whole life and in his mind never got a thing…”





Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, & Author Interviews:

1. “First, check out War of Nytefall: Rivalry if you haven’t already and are interested in a fantasy vampire tale.  There’s action, adventure, monsters, love, anger, flying bunnies, and tons of gemstones.  Just look at the cover:”

2. “It’s 2135. Fluffy is a super-intelligent GAB (Genetically Altered Brain) cat. Like many dogs, cats, mice, and the occasional pig, her brain is the product of genetic tinkering by humans that started more than a century ago. With their powers of telekinesis, the animals can manipulate physical objects without being able to grasp them. They can speak to each other telepathically without audible voices. Now, people have begun to fear them and to systematically capture and exterminate them. Fluffy leaves the safety of her home to look for her lost brother and joins a band of animal revolutionaries. After a series of brushes with death, Fluffy and her friends find a secret university for GAB animals. There, they work with enlightened humans to save Earth from certain destruction.”

3., amici! Life’s been busy, and it just got CRAZY. My publisher moved the release date of my new book from October to May 7. May 7! That’s less than a month away! I’ve got so much pre-release work to do. Starting with a cover release. So… ta-da!”

4. “Tony Eames hosted me for an interview at yesterday – you can read the interview here.  Find out how I deal with negative feedback, and my creativity tricks (spoiler ahead – not that many), among other things.

Then jump over to Michele and Nina’s blog, 2Quirky, to read Nina’s reviews of both Sarah and The Gemini Connection.  Nina’s not really a sci-fi or horror reader, but I was thrilled she took a chance on my books and enjoyed them!”




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