Seven Links 5/4/19 Traci Kenworth

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Seven Links 5/4/19

Traci Kenworth


1. “I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. Probably because I’ve really been pushing myself as a creator lately, “putting myself out there” in ways I haven’t in a while. It’s been fun and refreshing, but it’s also meant I’ve come face to face with a lot more rejection than I’ve subjected myself to in years past.” It seems failure is a hard door to get across in my life. And then, God opens a door. I know he will do the same in the future with my dreams. As he will continue to help us with the chaos of life.

2. “A few weeks ago was the submission review period for the annual RevPit contest. During this review period, each editor has one week to review submissions from authors in order to make their final pick to work on one manuscript for the next five weeks. The contest allowed one submission per author/manuscript, and each editor received up to 100 submissions. Guess how many I received? The full 100. So, it was a busy week to say the least. Each submission included one query letter from the author, answers to a few questions to get to know the author better, and the first five pages (up to 1500 words) of the author’s manuscript.”

3. “For 25 years or so, I bored people about how I was going to write a novel.

I had periods in my life when I had lots of time to get started on one. As a student, I spent a year as a teaching assistant in France, where my duties were light and my time was mostly my own. Later I worked for several years as a freelance journalist, where I could organise my entire schedule however I wanted.

But somehow I just never got round to getting started, not really. It wasn’t like I was doing something else really important instead. I was just too busy… not doing very much. Or talking about the books I was going to write.

I had a friend in a similar position. We were both obsessed with literature, mad about certain authors, desperate to get published. We’d sit in the pub for hours and rave about the books we were going to write.

One night, we even made a pledge to jack in our jobs and head for the hills, where we’d rent a tiny cabin and finally get started. But next day came round – and found us both still in our day jobs. The hills were merely a metaphor, it turned out. I found it hard to look my friend in the eye again.” I can so identify. I let my ex take my love of writing away from me, lost it during the dark years, and finally, I’m coming back to what I’ve always loved.


5. “I am a completionist. Checklists are pretty much the only way I harness motivation to get things done. If going above and beyond means I get to check off more boxes, I’m going to do it.

This applies to both my personal and professional life. Gaming is a great example: If I can 100% a mission, I’m going to go back and do it a dozen times until I hit all the achievements. At work, I always have a very specific goal in mind at the start of each day, and as long as I can hit that minimum before 4 p.m., I’m good to go.”

6. “Writing is hard. Capitalizing on the motivation to do it is hard. Succeeding at it is hard.

But far too often, writing is hard because we are told it’s hard. And that’s not always a good thing.

Over the past few years, I’ve written more than one post about taking your writing more seriously. Going after your writing goals with the focus and drive required to accomplish them is a definite must, and I’m all about “tough love” when it comes to getting people to sit down and actually write things.”


Research & Fun Bits:

1. “This presentation was born out of speculation and a result of the dialogue with Silence. Life, Death and Immortality are huge concepts to grapple with, and not always easy to understand. Like Gilgamesh, humans have strived to keep the approach of death at bay, perhaps hoping our glories and creative efforts will ensure an immortality of sorts. Maybe not physical immortality, but something greater, an enduring essence of spirit, of our names being uttered by those left behind. There’s an ancient Egyptian New Kingdom tomb inscription that beautifully encapsulates the essence of what immortality may really mean:”

2. “Part 1 covered getting your list set up and part 2 was about how to add people to your list. This part and next week’s part, arguably, are the most important, in that I want to look at some of the ways you can persuade people to add themselves to your list when they don’t even know you!”

3. “Hello SErs! Harmony here. Back in December, Craig Boyack wrote an excellent post on writing medium, which you can find HERE. When I read the post, it reminded me of how I use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help build in-depth characters. Here’s what I wrote to Craig in the comments …”

4. “First rant: Why in all of reality did it get cold again?  It was warm and nice a week ago, but now it’s back to jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  Worst part is that the changes happen overnight, so you go to bed wearing spring pajamas and wake up feeling like you were abandoned in the arctic.  Totally ridiculous.”


6. “This was one busy weekend – but busy in a good way.  Books!  Authors!  Avengers: Endgame!  Doesn’t get much better than that.

The book festival was, as always, spectacular.  On Friday, I attended writing classes involving topics on how to use time in novels, social media strategies, and YA fiction.  Saturday was spent at a worldbuilding panel, and listening to Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give,discuss the events that led her to write it.  What an incredible speaker she was – relaxed, charismatic, inspirational, motivational.  And a great sense of humor!  The room was packed with people of all ages, races, and cultures, and her signing line afterwards stretched down the hallway and around the building.  It was such a pleasure to meet her.  If she’s ever in your neck of the woods, don’t miss the opportunity to see her.”

7. “When she finished reading my novel A THREAD SO FINE, a friend asked me how I came to know so much about Frances Perkins, a real-life historical figure who enters the story in chapter ten. It wasn’t my friend’s first question – the novel has more to do with sisters and mothers and long-held, heart- wrenching secrets.

Naturally, we had to get through the basics on Shannon and Eliza, their mother Nell, and young Miriam—their tragedies faced and battles won or lost. But I was equally eager to answer the question about Frances because developing her as a character was among the most rewarding aspects of writing my book. And yet, finding Frances was complete serendipity.”

Some Things More Serious:

1. “In this series we look at cooking and your diet from a different perspective. Usually we emphasize the health benefits of food and how they can be incorporated into your diet. But, what happens if you do NOT include them in your diet.

We wanted to share with you what happens if your body is deprived of individual nutrients over an extended period of time.

Thankfully most of us eat reasonably well, with plenty of variety, but if you take a look at a week’s worth of meals, do you find that you are sticking to a handful of foods, all the time.”

2. “This morning, the Companions attending the Lord of the Deep workshop, and Companions of The Silent Eye around the world, will join together in a shared meditation. This will take the form of a guided visualisation.. a journey in imagination. We invite you to join with us for a few moments, opening that portal in the heart and mind through which all may pass, that together we may weave a Web of Light.

At this time, when our word is in turmoil, when the bounty of our planet is being stretched beyond endurance and so many of its creatures face extinction, let us add our voice to the Web that is being woven by Seekers of Light of many paths and traditions, all around the earth.

Alone, we can do little, but when hearts come together to work in harmony, we can change the world, even if it is only by changing ourselves.

Wherever the sacredness of the earth is remembered, wherever the ancient places are revered, wherever a single heart turns away from fear and hatred to Love, a point of Light is added to the Web. Let this moment become a shining point in the Web of Light.”

3. “As soon as one posits one-self

‘Natura Superior’…


One is

immediately confronted with earth as dirt,

and the need to flee this filthy spectre

becomes paramount…”

4. “I was recently asked to review Flexclip for this blog. And no, this is not a sponsored post, as I’m getting no compensation in any form. What I am getting is the pleasure of introducing to you another free tool that can help with your book marketing efforts. Specifically, in this case, in your video creation endeavors.

Truth be told, I didn’t have a particular project in mind. I was going to test-drive it with one of my books, but then it occurred to me that tomorrow is Greek Orthodox Easter, so a nice video card might be just the thing. As it turns out, Flexclip has such rich video, photo and music galleries, that I ended up with more than one projects on my to-do list. I got excited almost immediately with the possibilities.”




Teaser Fiction & Poetry:



3. “Meant to post this excerpt of War of Nytefall: Rivalry earlier, but I wasn’t sure if it counted as a spoiler.  Still, showing the Vampire Queen’s debut is important.  I’m going to using teasers with her in them, so it isn’t like she’s going to be a secret.  Enjoy!

Swirling the wine in his mouth, Clyde takes a seat on a pedestal that holds a ruby statue of a beautiful dancer. He gazes at the sky to see if there are any wards over the island, but there is no telltale shimmer. The idea that they are not being contained through magic does little to ease his nerves, which remain on edge. Stretching his arms and yawning, the Dawn Fang counts how many servants are wandering through the crowd. None of the other guests appear to be worried and are thoroughly enjoying the feast, which makes Clyde curious as to how long most of them have been on Apelios. Glancing at one of the monstrous statues, he hops off his perch and goes in for a closer look. He practically touches his nose to the display’s face and notices that there is a hint of green in its eyes. Taking a step back, he cannot shake a strange sense of amusement towards the monstrous piece of art.”

4. you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Or know the real truth about what lurks inside every mobile phone? Would you steal items from a blind person, or send your neighbours on a time travelling adventure fraught with danger and menace to save the human race from a bug? How about staying in a sleepy village where many murders have taken place or coming to the aid of royalty while out shopping? 

These are just some of the subjects covered in the second collection of short stories and flash fiction from author and writer, Hugh W. Roberts. 

‘More Glimpses’ gives the reader an opportunity to take a peek into the lives of normal, everyday people whose lives are all on a path full of twists, turns and unexpected endings. However, it’s not only about the humans; nothing escapes the extraordinary journeys Hugh has planned for you. If you are a lover of shows such as ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ then you’re in for another exciting trip in this second collection from Hugh. Come and meet the characters who had no idea their lives were about to be turned upside-down. Enjoy the ride! 




Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, & Author Interviews:

1. “James Hook is a child who only wants to grow up. When he meets Peter Pan, a boy who loves to pretend and is intent on never becoming a man, James decides he could try being a child – at least briefly. James joins Peter Pan on a holiday to Neverland, a place of adventure created by children’s dreams, but Neverland is not for the faint of heart. Soon James finds himself longing for home, determined that he is destined to be a man. But Peter refuses to take him back, leaving James trapped in a world just beyond the one he loves. A world where children are to never grow up. But grow up he does. And thus begins the epic adventure of a Lost Boy and a Pirate. This story isn’t about Peter Pan; it’s about the boy whose life he stole. It’s about a man in a world that hates men. It’s about the feared Captain James Hook and his passionate quest to kill the Pan, an impossible feat in a magical land where everyone loves Peter Pan. Except one.”

2.’s been a year since fifteen-year-old Mia Hopkins was in the car crash that killed her older sister and left her terribly scarred. The doctors tell her she was lucky to survive. Her therapist says it will take time to heal. The police reports claim there were trace amounts of alcohol in her bloodstream. But no matter how much she tries to reconstruct the events of that fateful night, Mia’s memory is spotty at best. She’s left with accusations, rumors, and guilt so powerful it could consume her.”

3. “13-year-old TC has a secret. No one knows she possesses a supernatural power.
Can TC help her Uncle Max, an archaeologist; to unearth enough evidence to prove Ancient Egyptians visited Australia, before he’s discredited in the media by those that want the past to stay buried?

“Some would say that I have a gift, but to me, it’s always been a curse. Before I changed my mind, I tugged off my gloves and whipped my head left and right, checking to see that no one was watching. I sucked in a breath and steadied my nerves then thrust my hands against the stones and touched one of the cartouches. Time and place ripped away.”

4. “Remnants Of Evil is book six in the McAllister Justice series of romantic suspense novels. Although stand alones, there are always themes running through, so I would suggest reading the series in order to get the most from the experience.

Abby McAllister is a lawyer and the sister to five brothers who are all connected to law enforcement.

So far each family member has had their own thriller style adventure; now it is Abby’s turn. A recent kidnapping left Abby severely shaken. The culprit is safely behind bars, but can he still reach her?

Nowhere seems safe as Abby’s police officer boyfriend and her family try to find who is currently targeting Abby, and why.”




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