Transforming Wishes Into Goals: A Quick Guide

Meg Dowell Writes

Everyone sets goals, whether they realize it or not. But the truth is, most people who “set” goals are really only in the planning stages of ambition.

You might tell anyone who asks about your career goals that you want to write a book someday, for example. But that’s little more than a statement. A fact. There’s no inspiration there. There are only words. It’s just a wish, nothing more.

So how do you get from “I want to write a book someday” to “New York Times bestselling author” — from a fleeting wish to a surefire goal? Maybe that’s not your exact desired result, and that’s OK. But what matters most in the moment isn’t the goal itself, but how you approach conquering it.

I’ve been a writer long enough to have learned the difference between making a wish and establishing a goal. Writing goals in particular are about…

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