How to De-Clutter Your Brain to Welcome More Ideas

Meg Dowell

De-cluttering seems to be the overarching theme of the 2010s. I’ve never Marie Kondo’d my closets (and certainly not my bookshelves), but I have attempted, many times, to de-clutter my life. Each time I’ve failed miserably, but I’ve managed to succeed in clearing out one area constantly full of clutter: my head.

Like you, I have a lot of thoughts and ideas. I’m regularly woken up in the middle of the night by the gentle yet persistent nudge of an idea. I’ll be sitting in a meeting at work jotting down things that come to mind before they disappear. There are days I’m fresh out of ideas (“brain drought”) and days I can’t shut the ideas up (“brain rush”).

How do you handle a brain drought — that sudden lack of new ideas that frustrates and blocks writers from their work all over the world? You de-clutter your brain. Maybe…

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