How To ‘Attract’ More Ideas

Meg Dowell Writes

So. It’s been a while since you stumbled across a new (“good”) idea, hasn’t it?

First of all — this is totally normal. Every writer experiences what I like to call “brain drought.” It’s the opposite of brain rush, which is that sudden seemingly unstoppable rush of ideas that sometimes happens, mostly in moments that couldn’t be any less convenient. Sometimes ideas just don’t seem to be coming around. It happens.

Second of all — trust me on this one — it’s going to be OK.

Can you “summon” ideas when there don’t seem to be any around? Maybe. But not “for free.” If you’re hungry for more ideas, it’s going to take some effort. Here’s what I do when I want to write but the ideas won’t cooperate. Maybe these steps will work for you, too.

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