Tourmaline Visions (16)

Chimera Poetry

The thief shut his eyes tight and clutched his cape, pulling it tight across his chest.

The urchin looked at him calmly and beckoned with one 

sapling arm.

‘Come farther into the forest. We need to speak without the gaze of Rapaz on us.’

In a twinkling he was gone. 

The man, shaking all over, pushed himself up

and walked deeper into the trees, desperate to get away

desperate to stay. 

‘I know now how Orpheus felt…’ he said to himself

clutching for even a thread of his bravado.

He sank against the trunk of a huge tree

venerable and moss striped.

The urchin spoke from over his shoulder, making the man start.

‘Surely you knew that would not end well. You are a man of some magic, true, but only its trickery. Charms and glass jewels and deceptive hands. But none of it real. Hers is. Did you really think…

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