Writerly Things 6/17/19: Where I’m At. Where I’m Headed.


Writerly Things 6/17/19: Where I’m At. What’s Ahead.

Traci Kenworth

I got my partial back! I’ve agreed to start working with the editor for assessments which for those of you don’t know is where you break the manuscript up into so many pages. The partial had fifty pages and once I revise them, I’ll send them back for her critique. When that’s done, I’ll send the next fifty. When I get them back, I’ll revise and send them to her. And repeat. I’m excited! I never thought I’d find an editor to work with me. Her name is Blair at the Author Studio. She has been an editor for YA publishers in the past which is important to me since that’s what genre I’m writing.

I like that she gave me both the bad and the good she’s seen in the manuscript. She helped me believe in the story again when I thought it was lost for all time. Her words have given me a confidence in myself and my writing that I haven’t felt in a long time. Since I’m a slow writer, it’s hard to tell when we’ll finish getting through the material but I’m going to aim for 2-3 months for each set of fifty. I need to learn to set deadlines anyway and this will help tremendously, having someone else to send these to.

I’ve begun character worldbuilding on my second wip thanks to One Stop for Writers who has a fabulous input builder for all your characters. You can put in as little or as much as you want. It allows for the pic of your character and gives you a summary of the wounds and positives you put in the character in the end. Backstory and description plus much more are also included. You can save to pdf and print off for your outline. This’ll come in handy when you’re writing.

With this in hand, I’ll begin draft two. Also, a YA genre novel.

In the background, I also have a sweet, historical romance that needs to be drafted a second time. I’ll probably go through the character builder with it as well. I may hold on to it a while though as I establish myself as a YA writer first. I have a LOT of YA stories waiting to be written.

I’m also going to be setting up a website that provides recipes, organizational tips, makeup tips, pet info, things to do with the home and more. My daughter and son will be doing so with me. We’re really excited and have been experimenting with ideas. Hopefully, it’ll be a success!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Have a great day, take care, and God bless!

10 thoughts on “Writerly Things 6/17/19: Where I’m At. Where I’m Headed.

  1. Hello! I am new to this site but I must say, I like it a lot. Currently, I have plans for a novel, an adventure fantasy novel, but I am not so sure about it. I would be very grateful for tips. And all the best for future!

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