A surreal Sunday… Life, death and beauty

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

You could see, just from Nick’s posture, that something was very wrong. As I walked towards the garden from the street where I had left the car, there was just something in the bleak way he was holding himself, looking out across the pond. So I was at least partly prepared. Just not enough. He didn’t need to say a word. As I stood beside him, the sight of floating bodies and the white bellies of fish that had sunk to the bottom told their own story.

My camera was in my bag, so I took pictures. …and this is not as horrible as it may sound. They are Nick’s fish, and Nick’s eyesight was one of the things damaged by the attack that left him unable to walk. The camera allows him to see things he would have no other hope of seeing. And, if we could learn from…

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