Writerly Things…7/29/19: If You Write YA: What Kind of Teen Do You Write Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things…7/29/19: If Your Write YA: What Kind of Teen Do You Write?

Traci Kenworth

Bold, Exotic?

These are usually written by people with own voices. They are strong, compassionate, amazing girls. If you see yourself in them then you’re going to go far in life. At the moment, more and more of these tales are cropping up and it’s a wonderful time to be a reader! Think Zelie. Tiffany.

Rebellious, stubborn?

Another favorite of this era. The chosen girl who may or may not have powers. One who doesn’t need a boy to complete her. However, she likes having one around just the same. Think Katsa. Katniss. Karou. Why do all of these start with a K? Lol.

The Harry Potter Crowd.

Studious. Talented. Loyal. These qualities are good to have on paper or in real life. They oppose wrongdoing. They wrestle with real issues. They are the fighters, those who will not back down no matter the odds. Do you see yourself among them, beating back the dangers of complacency?

The Odd Character.

Different in a fascinating way. Grape instead of strawberry. Sweet to a fault. Determined not to be led by another (yes, a bit of the rebellion in them as well.). They are larger than life. Resilient. They bounce back from harsh realities. Think: Carmen in Going Bovine.

The Scary Teen.

Okay, so their monsters. They’re still considered teen no matter if they’re over three hundred years old. Edward Cullen, anyone?

The Misunderstood Teen.

This one seems to gravitate toward bands and the like. Jacks from The Vicious Love series. Handy with his fists, and a streak of violence a mile wide. Temperamental. Hard to control. This one may make it or fizzle out.

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