Empty Smiles


Have you ever looked
at someone and felt like they had the best life in the world? Like nothing
could go wrong with them; like they had never known sadness? Neha was one such

The Instagram-perfect-life girl. Her page was filled with smiling selfies, groupies, travelling to exotic places, all smiles… smiles… smiles. No one could have ever known what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. No one knew. Not her family; not me, her best friend. Maybe not even her.

After all that had
happened, I look back to those days and wonder what if I knew. What if for once
I turned off my mind to the picturesque perfect life she displayed and just saw
her for what she was. Those empty smiles, and those void eyes that once
appeared so lively.

She was healthy and fine, until one day she fainted. She…

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