7 Tips to Surviving a Busy Summer

Legends of Windemere

For many people, the summer isn’t any different than the rest of the year.  It can actually be busier and more chaotic.  Kids are at camp, the heat can be rough, ice cream men prowl the streets at 9 PM, and you only get glimpses of the outside world from your office.  You might be plagued by memories of your youth when summer was the long vacation from school and a time of gleeful fun.  Now, you’re happy to get an hour on the weekend when it isn’t raining or hot enough to cook dinner on the car roof.  So, what are some things to do to survive these difficult months?

  1. Don’t look out the window if you’re at work!  Just gazing at the good weather and possibly an ice cream man is a trap.  You might see people playing in a sprinkler or be in view of a fountain. …

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