Your Work Matters, Even When It Feels Like No One’s Reading It

Meg Dowell Writes

If no one ever read your work, would you keep writing anyway?

I addressed this question years ago when Novelty Revisions was still, technically, new and figuring things out. The consensus in the comments was that most people would continue to write without any hope of an audience, but that they would do so more “freely” and less often.

Which explains exactly why writers who are trying to build an audience for their work struggle so much when their work doesn’t seem to be attracting an audience. If you’re putting in all this work and effort and time and nothing’s happening, is it even worth continuing?

On the days when you’re feeling at your worst — like no one cares about your work and you should just stop trying so hard — what should you do? Should you keep going? Should you slow down or take a break or stop…

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