Writerly Things 8/19/19: Writing with the Eye of a Cat Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things 8/19/19: Writing with the Eye of a Cat

Traci Kenworth

Take it Easy.

Have you ever observed your cat and how they handle their day? Rise in the morning and stretch. Find their human for some food time. Maybe a little cuddle afterward, depending on the cat’s mood. Take a nap. Beg for their second handful of food around ten. Lay down again. Maybe a few more cuddles. Sleep till around three. Food again. The rest of the night is spent, you guessed it: napping. They may get up periodically and stroll through the house, bat a toy here and there, and see to their humans. Repeat daily.

If you went about your work this way, you wouldn’t get much done. But maybe’s it’s the attitude or how they approach things that you need to look out for. For instance, if you wrote ten, fifteen, or half-an-hour at a time, you’d chip away at your to-do list. I make writing time in my list of daily things to do. Before I did this, I had trouble finding the time. There was always another chore to do that took priority. It’s time to make writing a priority for you. If you want to be a professional, you’re going to have to fit it in. Daily. Three days a week. The weekend. It’s all how you structure things.

Look out for the High Jumps.

There are going to be some hurdles you can’t clear. That’s when it’s time to dig in and do some research. Discover all that you can about the subject. Don’t just trust the internet. Look into a book or two. Visit your local library. Browse the catalogs. They’re there for a reason. Countless writers before you have done so. Even in the times before the internet. Imagine how much time and effort that took the writer. Do you have it in you to follow in the footsteps other authors have tread over the ages?

Take Time for Your Health.

It’s important that you take time to rest. And get some exercise in. Don’t sit all day. Even though cats sleep a lot, they’re also active when they’re awake. Jumping here then there. Playing with toys and each other. Games are something they thrive at. Their curiosity keeps them moving, learning about new things. Think of how much you could benefit from a walk? A run? Time at the gym. If you’re always moving, following your to-do list, you’ll accomplish a lot.

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