Bursts of Nostalgia

When Memories Hit Us.

Legends of Windemere

First, I’m not talking about the manipulation of nostalgia, which seems to be getting used all over the places.  This is more about you walking along or sitting at your desk.  Just going through the day or relaxing.  All of a sudden, you get hit by a nostalgic memory that leaves you a little off.  The emotional pathway for me usually goes like this:

  1. Memory strikes and I feel oddly relaxed.
  2. There’s a bout of happiness and mild euphoria as my senses go back.
  3. Wonderment as I try to lock down more of the memory.
  4. Sense of loss and yearning as it passes away.

Honestly, this feels like a cruel trick of the mind.  As if it’s trying to convince you to revisit or reenact your past during a time when you can’t.  Maybe my mind is trying to escape or create a pulse of happiness in a desperate attempt…

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