How to Find Your Voice: A Quick Guide

Best advice I’ve seen on how to find your voice! Bring yourself to the page, forget style and prose, not that they aren’t important but don’t let them interfere with what you get down.

Meg Dowell Writes

Think of your favorite author. Or your favorite story. What is it about the way that author writes, or the way in which that story was written, that sticks with you even now?

It’s likely what captivates you has everything to do with the voice through which a certain story is told.

If you really think about it, many stories are the same copies of each other in terms of basic framework. And we are all using the same words to create stories. It isn’t the story or the words themselves that make a piece of writing unique. It is the way a writer presents them on a page.

What is a writer’s “voice”? It’s a combination of the specific tones and styles you use when telling a story. In your literature classes growing up you might remember a lot of discussions about famous authors revolving around what distinguished them…

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