Writerly Things 10/7/19: How Busy Goes Around Traci Kenworth

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worthWriterly Things 10/7/19: How Busy Goes Around

Traci Kenworth

Ever feel like there’s not even time in the day? That things won’t slow down no matter how much you do? Welcome to my world, this past week!

Putting the Web Up.

Yep, we’re up and scrambling to get through this holiday season. I know, I know, the official season hasn’t begun but on blogs that reach out with recipes, items, etc. for these times of the year, it starts early. I’ve posted two treats since we opened, one pet, and my daughter’s put up one Holiday Cartoon. I’ve also added an appetizer and soon, tailgater recipes for those football fans out there.

We’re trying to mix things up as it’s all about the home and life. There are a lot of subjects under that and it is going to be both fun and a challenge to keep up with things.

Life in Overload.

Between errands and web building and running my other two websites and keeping up with the links, etc., it’s been like a rollercoaster. I get to the top only to be shot down and swung under and around, my cart bustling to reach the end. I had a flu shot this past weekend and it’s made me sleepy and I had a sore throat that woke me early this morning. I always get a bit sick when I get one, but the alternative is much worse.

There are always so many projects for us all around the house, especially with the seasons changing and preparing things to come. I have to get some work done on my septic and find some straw to layer around the pipes to prevent them from freezing this winter when it dips down in temperature. I also have to get some maintenance done on my car: the tranny flush. And another oil change will be in my future come Dec.

The Pets.

Time for local vet visits. Expensive but worth it to keep them healthy. It’s shot time and I have to switch the flea meds for my son’s cat, Midnight, as he’s not doing well on the one, he’s on. I think we’ll go back to Comfortis and just have the vet administer it as he doesn’t like to swallow the meds for us. The other med, Bravecta, was placed behind his head and seemed to work for about a month-and-a-half and then wore off. It was supposed to last three months.

He’s very allergic to fleas so that it why this is a problem. He gets sickly and digs into his fur. On the Comfortis, his coat is smooth and he’s always in a pleasant mood. Lately, he’s been very grumpy.

So, All This to Say…

I’ll be around, busy, and trying to get ahead. Things will even out since I’m a few days ahead with posts on the new website, so I’ll be able to turn my attentions elsewhere. Have a great week, take care, and God bless you!

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