Smorgasbord Health Column – The Obesity epidemic – Part Four– Finding a point to intervene in the life cycle – 7 – 14 healthy diet for brain function and hormones

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In part four of this series I looked at how critical it is to get the diet right for the 7 – 14 age range for both boys and girls for their overall health and immune systems. I also suggested that millions of children are getting packed lunches, and that a large percentage of those were sugar laden and nutritionally deficient.

This week I am share the the impact on a child’s body of a high sugar diet and lack of nutrition in relation to their brain development and hormone production as they head into puberty.

Whilst the focus so far has been on obesity, there is a much larger and potentially more dangerous consequence to a diet that is nutritionally deficient and high in sugar. It can seriously impact a child’s brain development and consequently healthy hormone production.

There is so much hidden sugar in manufactured food that it…

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