Diving Into Public Domain: The Pool Might Be Deepening

Legends of Windemere

There’s going to be a few steps here because I’m sure people have questions.

What is Public Domain?

These are works that are no longer under copyrights because they have existed for a certain amount of time.  That’s a very basic way of explaining it.  I’ve found exceptions, but this is the general idea. Anyone can use these ideas as long as they take their own twist, which should be obvious.  I won’t go into the gritty details here.  The point is that works in the public domain are open to everyone and more works enter this field as time passes . . . At least they’re supposed to.

Why the Opening Shot at Disney?

I stumbled onto this when I was researching public domain for an idea that incorporated as many pre-existing characters as I could find.  The idea was junked because ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Fables’ entered…

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