Writerly Things 11/18/19: Stress, You, and the Holidays Traci Kenworth


Writerly Things 11/18/19: Stress, You, and the Holidays

Traci Kenworth

Keeping Things Together.

I know I’ve said this before but keeping lists is a big stress-reliever for me. I have my Thanksgiving menu already set out. Now, that’s not guaranteeing everything I hope to make or get done does happen but I give myself leeway. In the days ahead of the holidays, keep things as simple as possible. Do easy meals if you have to. Save your energy for Thanksgiving and likewise, Christmas.

Remember, it’s not a contest!

Just cause your sister killed it last year and it’s your turn this year, don’t let things overwhelm you. You can do this! If you can, make as much of your items as you can ahead of time and freeze them for quick heat-up on that special day. Enlist family members to take care of the decorations. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING yourself. Get plenty of sleep so you’re refreshed the day of the event.

Again, ask for help.

See if some of your guests can arrive early and help carve the turkey, make the dip, cut fresh fruit and veggies etc. It never hurts to ask and some people are more than welcome to help out with things. Your kids could set the table. Your husband do any quick pick-up that needs done beforehand. Let someone else throw that load of laundry in while you put the ham in the oven. Aunt Irene might enjoy making that cranberry fruit salad. Ask her to bring it! Doris could bake a pie or two. Don’t leave grandma out either! Her experience alone could fill the kitchen for several days with heaps of recipes.

If You’re Going to Go Online for Some Black Friday Shopping, Plan Your Cooking Around Such.

Again, hands and feet can help here. Maybe your cousin doesn’t mind keeping an eye on the green bean casserole or the sweet potato marshmallow fluff for a while until you skim some ads for Black Friday. I’m planning a lot of no-bake desserts that’ll help out a lot. I’m also making Cranberry Chicken in the slow cooker. I have three to four items to cook in the oven including the ham. I have two crockpots to help with other things. Throwing Thanksgiving Punch together is going to be easy and fun.

Gift Buying.

Try to buy a few items every week or two depending on your shopping schedule. Buy the simplest things first then worry about the big ticket items last. I know, that should be opposite, you think. But the truth is, even though somebody might miss out on their cherished wish on Christmas, there’s always a birthday around the corner or the after-Christmas sales to snag the item up. Waiting a few extra days should just heighten the excitement. Sometimes, I think waiting till after Christmas has better deals than before but that could be my empty pockets talking, lol. My kids are pretty good, they know I do what I’m able to at Christmas time and reward them later when I can.

Round it Out with New Year’s.

New Year’s is a simpler time. Less worries about the food. Mostly, snacky things. It’s all about the festivities, the hopes, and the wishes that go into this particular holiday. Time to relax and unwind. Let the joy of the old time ringing out and the new arriving wash over you. Make plans for the new year to come. Worry less. Resolve to be a better person. Whatever you want to vow. I don’t make resolutions anymore. I plot goals out. Things I want to accomplish. Keep it realistic though. You know your limits.

Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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